Email Marketing Best Practices For Marketers: Evolution of Email Marketing

Optimize Your Contact List

Verify Your Subscribers At An Initial Stage

Testing Before Release

  • Typos or any spelling mistakes
  • Images should be looking correctly
  • Look good on mobile as well as desktop
  • Arrangement of CTA buttons and links
  • Selecting the right contact list
  • Sending to correct addresses

Get personal

Time it right

  • Open rates are highest early in the morning. 6:00 a.m. is the best time of day to send emails.
  • People also respond well to emails that arrive after they get off work ― between 7 and 10 p.m.
  • Avoid the middle of the workday and weekends.
  • Avoid Mondays. Your customers are most likely stressed, sizing up the week ahead.

Make Your Subject Stand Out

Employ an Email Marketing Service Tool:




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