How To Integrate Email Marketing With Your CRM Strategy

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As a business owner, it can be overwhelming to handle every aspect of your marketing strategy manually. It is much more efficient to get help with specific roles. It not only makes your workflow better but also gets you more focused results. One such sector when you may need help is CRM, and it is no doubt one of the major sectors to grow your business.

Integrating email marketing and CRM allows you to improve your connection with your clients and improve client engagement. When you integrate email marketing with CRM systems, you can track and record every action taken, creating a complete history of interactions with each customer.

What is CRM and how does it add value to your business?

CRM is a management tool that helps you better manage your relationship with your customers, both existing and potential. The goal is to boost engagement by knowing your customers better.

From customer data to customer interactions, a CRM tool captures and enables all interactions between you and your customers. In short, it manages the complete customer lifecycle.

You need to plan targeted marketing strategies for these customers to let them know that you still value them. With a CRM in place, all the necessary information for your business stays in one place. You can also automate interactions through email marketing without missing any customers and how to Integrate Email Marketing.

Integrating email marketing and CRM to meet your goals

Email marketing and CRM are two independent aspects that can work on their own, but when directed at the same goal, they work even better. Here are five reasons integrating email marketing and CRM can boost your business and improve customer relationships:

Enhanced sales opportunities

With email marketing, you know who’s reading your emails and taking action. If your CRM has this data, it gives you a better understanding of who that potential customer is, and in return, gives you a better chance at converting them.

A better understanding of ROI

With an email marketing CRM integration, you can assess the returns from your campaigns more comprehensively. Apart from knowing the conversions, the number of customers that bought an item or performed an action, you’ll also be able to evaluate the overall cost of the campaign as a whole.

Easy data management

Getting better at managing data makes implementing automation easier, and more accurate. More importantly, your sales team is able to update data in real-time, as the information gathered through different mediums of communication is stored all in one place.

Targeted communication

Make all of your communication targeted and relevant by understanding a customer’s purchase history. This helps you create a more relevant email, based on data. As a result, you reduce the number of unsubscribes and send more personalized, valuable information to your subscribers.

Trigger actions

End of a trial period, at the time of membership renewal, or simply for new updates to current members, the data for individual customers can be stored in the CRM as action triggers. Using this, you can trigger emails that drive people toward the desired action.


When you start using CRM with your email marketing, you will realize the power of the data you can use for growing and flourishing your business and why it is important to know how to integrate email marketing. The benefits of an email marketing CRM integration are not just for your business, but your customers too. By making innovative use of all available data, you can find newer and better ways to engage your customers and establish an effective and long-standing customer relationship.


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